What are the stages of mesothelioma?

Many cancers follow a similar developmental trajectory, with cancerous cells becoming tumors, spreading through the blood and lymph and colonizing first nearby and then distant parts of the body. This is true of mesothelioma; although not all varieties have been assigned an official staging system, they can be roughly divided into 4 stages.

In stage 1 of pleural mesothelioma, cancerous cells exist only in the place they originated, the lining of one side of the chest. In stage 1B, it has extended a bit into the pleura surrounding the diaphragm or lung. At this stage the disease likely has no symptoms and is difficult to catch unless the person is being treated for a different condition.

In stage 2, cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes. (Lymph is a key method by which cancerous cells travel, since the fluid travels all over the body through a network of channels). At this stage the size and reach of the cancer are limited, and aggressive treatment is likely still an option.

What are the stages of mesothelioma?

In stage 3, it has spread to other nearby parts of the body, such as from one lung to another. It’s most common for mesothelioma to be diagnosed at this stage, since it’s at this point that symptoms such as difficulty breathing become severe.

In stage 4, cancer has spread to distant parts of the body, such as the other lung, bones, liver or brain.  At this point, mesothelioma is difficult to treat, except to relieve symptoms; it is likely terminal.  The less deadly and less common peritoneal mesothelioma doesn’t have an official staging system, but it progresses in much the same way.

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What are the stages of mesothelioma?

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