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What are the early signs of asbestosis?

Since asbestos is no longer mined int he US and its use on job sites is highly regulated, it's unlikely that anyone starting a job today will acquire the condition. But since asbestosis can begin to develop years or decades after the person was exposed, many people in the US will likely face a future diagnosis of asbestosis. Here's what to look out for.
Asbestosis is a chronic condition that can be mild or severe, and typically worsens over time. Like mesothelioma, it's associated with long-term asbestos exposure. Tiny asbestos fibers become lodged in the lung tissue, causing irritation and inflammation that, in time, create scar tissue. Since scar tissue is less elastic than healthy tissue, this leads to shortness of breath and difficulty getting enough oxygen.

The symptoms you're most likely to notice first are those you'd expect from a lung problem: shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain and a feeling of tightness. Because these symptoms can mimic those of common health conditions, and can be mistaken for the results of being fatigued or out of shape, it may be difficult to notice them at first. People with a history of asbestos exposure should be vigilant for them and receive regular health screenings.

What are the early signs of asbestosis?

Another effect of asbestosis is what's known as clubbing of the fingernails and toenails. In this condition, the ends of the fingers attain a swollen appearance and become larger than the rest of the nail. Clubbing is associated with many diseases that cause long-term restriction of oxygen to the blood, including lung cancer and heart disease. It's not entirely clear why this occurs, but may be related to the release of substances like vascular endothelial growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor. Since this only occurs after long periods of hypoxia, it's not likely to be a first sign--but should be a sign to seek immediate medical attention.

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