Surgery for mesothelioma reports that “Major surgery, in combination with chemotherapy and sometimes radiation, is considered the best treatment for mesothelioma because it offers the greatest chance of long-term survival.”  For patients who qualify, it’s a central part of treatment. In order to be a good candidate for tumor removal surgery, patients have to be in generally good health and have heart and lung function close to normal, and doctors have to be confident they can recover from surgery complications.

There are three major types of mesothelioma surgery. The first is diagnostic and involves performing a biopsy to obtain cells from tumors and make certain what kind they are. For instance, in thorascoscopy, doctors insert a small camera and probe into a tiny incision between the ribs. These surgeries can be relatively un-invasive, but still require general anesthesia.

Surgery for mesothelioma

In thoracentesis, a hollow needle is inserted into the lung area to drain excess fluid, a common issue in pleural mesothelioma.

About 15 to 20% of pleural mesothelioma patients qualify for tumor-removing surgery, the best chance to go into remission. There are multiple versions of this surgery. The most radical removes the entire lung where the cancer started, including the lining, nearby lymph nodes and other nearby tissue. This reduces the patients’ strength and lung function, but offers the greatest chance of a cure. In a less intensive version, the patient may have just a lung or the pleural lining of the lung removed. Any of these may be preceded by an exploratory surgery to see if more extensive surgery will be possible. They are sometimes performed with robots rather than through traditional methods.
These surgeries can be performed palliatively, to reduce the pain and side effects caused by the presence of a tumor or fluid buildup, even if doctors do not believe there is hope of a cure or remission.

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