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How To Deliver Bad News
Receiving a diagnosis of malignancy can be devastating.  In many individual's perspective it is still a death sentence.  Cancer is a disease that affects so many lives on a yearly basis.  Therefore, it is imperative to understand how to address these tough situations.  Many questions that are asked revolve around how to actually break the bad news to an unsuspecting patient.  In this article, the goal is to address how to break the devastating news to those patients who have the disease.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Tennessee

Must Have Conclusive Results
Breaking the devastating news to a patient can be overwhelming for everyone involved.  There are some key elements that can help when dealing with this serious situation.  The first and foremost step should be to make certain that the diagnosis is conclusive.  It is not acceptable to inform a patient of a disease that they might have.  The appropriate medical diagnostic testing should have been performed before informing a patient that they may have cancer.  The only way to know with complete certainty, is by biopsy.  If a physician has not completed a biopsy of the area in question, it is not appropriate to inform the patient that they have cancer based on only speculation.  Once conclusive results have been obtained that have proven this diagnosis, then it is appropriate to telephone the patient and have them physically come into the office.  It is also appropriate to inform the patient that he or she needs to bring someone they feel comfortable with them to the appointment.  It is preferable that someone attend with the patient so that they can provide support as well as drive home after the appointment.  After the patient has been notified to come into the office, the next step is to inform them of this devastating diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Near Me Tennessee

Empathetic And Compassionate Communication
One of the most important things to remember when informing a patient they have this serious disease, is to be compassionate and willing to listen.  When an individual is faced with this diagnosis, the first reaction may be disbelief.  The patient may be confused as to what the diagnosis actually means.  It is during this time that the physician should really focus on explaining the disease.  It is also imperative that once the information has been given to the patient, that the physician be willing to listen and answer any questions that the patient may have concerning this malignancy.  Addressing the patient's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are a must.  After the healthcare provider has informed the patient of the diagnosis, it is imperative to make the appropriate arrangements for the patient to speak with other providers that can address the mental, emotional, and spiritual sides of the disease.  With the patient's permission, appropriate appointments can be scheduled for these providers. 

Mesothelioma Lawyers Tennessee

Communication and positive attitudes are important to convey to the patient.  By providing compassionate and empathetic communication, it can allow the patient to understand the unknown.  Encourage the patient to do research on the diagnosis, and even seek a second opinion if that is the direction they wish to go.  The healthcare provider must maintain a positive outlook and reassure the patient that they will receive the highest level of care.  The healthcare provider should also make known that if the patient thinks of any other questions, or has any other concerns that is appropriate to contact them at any point along the process. 

Mesothelioma Lawyers Tennessee

Delivering devastating news is never easy.  It can be life-altering to the patient.  It is imperative that the healthcare provider remain compassionate and empathetic to the patient's needs.  The physician should communicate effectively and answer any questions.  The goal is to provide the patient with the necessary tools to make educated and informed decisions regarding their health.  Together the patient and physician can develop a plan that will put the patient at ease regarding their healthcare.

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