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Secondary Exposure
Mesothelioma is al life-threatening malignancy that normally presents as an occupational asbestos exposure.  Asbestos is used in a variety of occupations as the primary means of fire-resistant material.  It is even used as a form of insulation in homes and other developments.  It is widely known and even accepted that direct exposure to asbestos has the potential to result in mesothelioma.  Recently, there has been scientific evidence to suggest that there is a potential for secondary asbestos exposure.  Let's evaluate how individuals can be affected by asbestos when they are not directly exposed.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Rhode Island

Most individuals have heard of secondhand smoke.  When someone smokes a cigarette, the smoke that is released exposes those in the surrounding areas to the carcinogenic effects associated with the cigarettes.  The same analogy can be used for asbestos.  The carcinogenic effects of asbestos occur when fibers are disrupted and inhaled.  When the fibers are inhaled, it has the potential to result in mesothelioma decades later.  Asbestos has been used in many different occupations.  Anytime there is asbestos that is disrupted, it results in the potential to expose those in the surrounding areas.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Near Me Rhode Island

Here is an example of how secondhand asbestos exposure can occur.  During September 11, 2001, when the World Trade Centers were attacked, the buildings collapsed and asbestos was released into the air.  Asbestos was released into the air and everyone who was present in a particular radius around the buildings were exposed to the air-borne carcinogen.  It was a secondary exposure because it affected those who were not directly exposed.  Another instance in which secondhand exposure can occur is when a shipyard employee leaves work in his uniform and enters his home where his children and wife immediately rush in and hug him; then his wife takes his uniform and washes it so that it will be ready in the morning for another hard day at work.  In this depiction everyone involved was exposed to asbestos.  The shipyard worker was exposed at work.  His wife and children were exposed through secondhand exposure because they came into contact with his uniform.  The uniform is where the asbestos fibers are located.  If at any point those asbestos fibers were inhaled, the result is secondhand exposure.  Decades later these individuals may present with symptoms that were consistent with mesothelioma. 

Mesothelioma Lawyers RI

There are many individuals who are currently seeking treatment for secondhand asbestos exposure.  Exposure is serious, and appropriate protective measures must be taken to prevent secondhand development of mesothelioma.  Changes must be made, so that more people are not diagnosed with this deadly disease.

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