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State Statistics
Mesothelioma is a very aggressive and deadly malignancy that results from occupational exposure to asbestos.  Asbestos is the cause of this malignancy.  When the carcinogen is inhaled, it can result in this deadly disease.  The malignancy does not occur until years post-asbestos exposure.  It is still affecting thousands each year.  In this article, we will evaluate some state statistics as it regards to mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Oregon

Anatomic Areas Affected
Mesothelioma can occur in many different anatomic areas of the human body.  Some of those anatomic areas include:  pericardium of the heart, pleura of the lungs, peritoneum of the abdomen, and testicular lining of the testes.  Pleural mesothelioma is the most common form of the malignancy and testicular mesothelioma is the rarest form.  Each state has their own statistics regarding prevalence, survival rates, and mortality rates.  Let's take a look at some of the most commonly affected states.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Near Me Oregon

States With The Highest Asbestos
Asbestos was used nationwide as a fire-retardant.  It was used in factories, homes, developments and more.  However, there are specific areas of the United States in which there were higher levels of asbestos used.  Those areas include the hub sites of some of the companies that used asbestos as their major product.  The major states that have higher levels of asbestos because of these companies include:  Michigan, New Jersey, and Ohio.  Massachusetts also had higher levels of asbestos because of the abundant shipyards.  The actual asbestos mines were located in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Vermont and Pennsylvania also had mines full of asbestos

Mesothelioma Lawyers Oregon

States With The Highest Mortality Rates
Mesothelioma has a high mortality rate even if treatment is opted for; however, there are some states that have a higher death rate than others.  When evaluating death rates from 1999 to 2010 it was found that Maine had the highest amount of mesothelioma related deaths as compared to the other states.  Maine's mesothelioma death rates was approximately 22.5 deaths per million population.  Alaska was the second highest at 21.1 deaths per million population.  Washington followed at 20.3 deaths per million population.  Wyoming during this time period had 18.6 deaths per million population.  Finally, New Jersey was documented as having 17.8 deaths per million population. 

Mesothelioma Lawyers Oregon

Asbestos is located all across the United States.  It is responsible for mesothelioma, which claims the lives of many on a yearly basis.  While there are strict guidelines regarding current asbestos use, there are still thousands of products on the market that contain this carcinogen.  Many individuals are still being exposed to this carcinogen on a daily basis.  It is imperative to remain diligent in preventing primary and secondary exposure to this deadly mineral.

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