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MesotheliomaLawyers Near Me Delaware

Genetic Research Around Mesothelioma
In the last century, doctors have been heavily researching into what causes Mesothelioma, including the symptoms and how they indicate presence, who is most likely to develop the cancer, and how to diagnose it effectively and correctly as current methods are often imprecise.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Delaware

In the US, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates the drugs that are trialed and tested for use, even though mesothelioma doesn’t have a cure. In the future, the FDA would like to see doctors being able to manage mesothelioma by using plans relating to each patient’s individual case using their personal genetic makeup.

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Chemotherapy can shrink or sometimes delay the growth of mesothelioma, however this is often only for a short amount of time. Studies are currently in progress to test alternative chemotherapy drugs. Throughout the trials of chemo drugs, researchers have learned more about the cell changes that evolve into cancer, and are in the process of creating newer drugs that target these changes before they progress further.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Delaware

A large part of the research in the United States takes place at The University of Chicago Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School, and The University of Los Angeles’ Jonson Comprehensive Cancer Center. Internationally, research around mesothelioma is taking place in China, Japan, The UK ,and Italy, and the IMIG (International Mesothelioma Interest Group) holds a conference every 2 years in which they share their latest recordings in research and treatment.

Researchers are currently also looking into the use of genetically designed viruses to treat mesothelioma.  This therapy would work with the virus being placed in the pleural space, with the theory being that it would kill or simply infect the cancer cells, or it would cause a chain reaction making the immune system attack the cancer cells.

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Cancer vaccines, or immunotherapy is another therapy based on encouraging the immune system to attack the cancer cells. This new therapy is being studied in clinical trials world wide, with one approach being to remove immune cells from the sufferer’s blood, treating them in a laboratory, and then passing them back to the patient through a blood transfusion.

A therapy that is currently being studied and trialed is PDT (photodynamic therapy), which consists of a light activating drug being injected directly into the patient’s vein. Shortly after, a special red medical light is placed on the patient’s skin and the chemical change activates and kills some of the cancer cells.

Mesothelioma Lawyers Near Me Delaware

Overall, research regarding mesothelioma has a long way to come in order to help us learn as much as we can about the disease and the best way to deal with it, with doctors and researchers learning more and more every single day.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Delaware

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