Is there any treatment for mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma can be treated with an array of interventions. While no existing treatment can guarantee a cure, those in common usage have been proven to improve both prognosis and quality of life.

In general, the most effective mesothelioma treatment is aggressive combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. An aggressive use of these three treatments provides the best chance of recovery, but may not be recommended for all patients.
Surgery to remove tumors is one of the most effective cancer treatments. When mesothelioma is caught at an early stage, surgery may be attempted to remove all apparent traces of cancerous tumors. If a tumor is too large or impinges too much on organs or blood vessels to be completely removed, surgeons may “debulk” it to reduce symptoms.

Is there any treatment for mesothelioma?

Chemotherapy is treatment with medications that kill fast-growing cells is another proven aspect of cancer treatment. Although its side effects are severe, it can effectively shrink tumors and kill cancer cells throughout the body. the drugs Alimta and Cisplatin are considered the most effective against mesothelioma.  In heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy, a high-temperature wash of cancer-fighting drugs is applied directly to the interior of the abdomen immediately after surgery.

Finally, in radiation therapy, an x-ray beam is aimed directly as a tumor site to shrink it. Like other treatments, it can be used either to effect a cure or to mitigate symptoms like pain and fluid buildup.

Many patients today hope for better results from experimental treatments; through entering an experimental trial, patients may gain access to effective treatments that aren’t yet FDA-approved.

Is there any treatment for mesothelioma?

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