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Is mesothelioma difficult to diagnose?

Mesothelioma often fails to be diagnosed because the patient doesn’t know anything is wrong until it’s very advanced. But even when a patient does know they’re sick, it’s difficult to diagnose. The reasons for this are multiple, including the challenge of distinguishing symptoms from those of other diseases and of identifying the cancer cell types.
X-rays often show signs of illness including tumors, or if they are not developed enough to be seen, fluid buildup in the lungs or abdomen that can be signs of cancer. After this, high-resolution imaging such as a CT scan can more effectively show the location of tumors. But this may not be enough to diagnose mesothelioma. Because cancers spread from their point of origin (for instance, from the lung lining to the lung tissue itself), it’s necessary to see the cancer cells themselves to know where it began. This information tells doctors what to expect from the progression of the disease and which treatments will be more effective.

Is mesothelioma difficult to diagnose?

Blood tests can detect the presence of substances in the blood that tend to be higher in people with mesothelioma. But a biopsy is the most definitive step. This can be done by removing built up fluid from the chest or abdomen (it may contain cancer cells), or through inserting a small needle into the body to extract a tissue sample. Mesothelioma cells can resemble other cancer cells, though, so if these procedures do not yield a big enough sample to make a definitive judgment, doctors may obtain cells through a more invasive procedure.

Is mesothelioma difficult to diagnose?

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