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Is mesothelioma always fatal?

Mesothelioma is a fast-growing cancer that often presents a negative prognosis. Surviving it and achieving a normal lifespan after a diagnosis is always a matter of beating the odds. Still, examples exist of people who have survived a diagnosis and lived in complete or partial remission for years.

The community support website Mesothelioma Group features stories of people who have survived mesothelioma for long periods of time, in one case over 17 years. The patient profiles reveal that these survivors underwent surgery and, in come cases, heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), a form of chemotherapy that’s applied directly to the inside of the abdomen after surgery. These measures have been proven to improve life expectancy.

Is Mesothelioma always fatal?

Although there’s no guarantee that any one patient will achieve a similar outcome, the science shows there are some commonalities among people who survive mesothelioma for longer amounts of time. One is early detection. It’s rare to detect mesothelioma at earlier stages, since symptoms at that point may not be present or may not seem very serious. But detecting it at stage 1 or 2 improves the odds and opens up more treatment alternatives.

Another common factor among survivors is that the disease was treated aggressively early on. Patients have the best chance when all traces of the cancer are able to be removed through surgery, and remaining cancerous cells are treated with HIPEC or some aggressive combination of chemo and radiation. Frequent screening is another key to managing the disease.

Is Mesothelioma always fatal?

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