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Is mesothelioma a death sentence?

Even with improved treatments, mesothelioma continues to be fatal for many who are diagnosed with the fast-growing cancer. Still, a diagnosis isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Whether the cancer is considered terminal, or can be treated aggressively with the hope of full or partial remission, depends on a variety of factors.

One of the most important factors for the prognosis of any cancer is what stage it is caught at. In stage 1 of pleural mesothelioma, cancerous cells exist only in the pleura lining the wall of one side of the chest. In stage 1B, it has grown into the pleura surrounding the diaphragm or lung.

Is mesothelioma a death sentence?

In stage 2, it has spread to nearby lymph nodes (lymph is a key method by which cancerous cells travel). In stage 3, it has spread to other nearby parts of the body, and in stage 4, it has spread to distant parts of the body, such as the other lung, bones, liver or brain.  (The less deadly and less common peritoneal mesothelioma doesn’t have an official staging system, but it progresses in much the same way).

In stages 1 and 2, patients are often candidates for aggressive treatment, including surgery and heated chemotherapy washes intended to remove all traces of cancer so far as it is possible. Stage 3, at which mesothelioma is most often diagnosed, is more variable. Depending on size and location of the tumors, the patient may or may not be a good candidate for surgery. Doctors may focus on palliative care and improving quality of life.
Stage 4 mesothelioma is considered terminal; a patient diagnosed at this point likely has under a year to live, and treatments will focus on palliative care.

Is mesothelioma a death sentence?

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