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Is mesothelioma a cancer?

Cancer occurs in the body of a living being when the failsafes intended to stop cells from multiplying uncontrollably break down. Essentially, in a healthy creature (whether human or not), cells are programmed to multiply quickly only specific times, such as in the bones of a child who’s rapidly growing taller. And they healthy cells voluntarily trigger their own death when they become too damaged or aren’t needed anymore. In cancer, these limits on cells are overridden. Cells engage in runaway reproduction, with harmful or deadly results. Mesothelioma is one example of this process.

Doctors differentiate cancers based on the cell types they occur in. There are hundreds of cell types with different functions in the body, and most of them can become cancerous. When a cell starts dividing, it will make more cells like itself, so a tumor that started in the liver will have different cells and behave differently that one that started in the brain. Mesothelioma originates in the mesothelium, a thin membrane lining the organs of the chest and abdomen.

Is mesothelioma a death sentence?

So what determines whether a cell will become cancerous, setting off this process? Part of it comes down to genetics, since some peoples’ bodies seem more effective at preventing cancer. But another key factor is exposure to carcinogens. Many substances trigger damage to cell DNA that can set the cancer process in motion. Asbestos, responsible for over 8 in 10 cases of mesothelioma, is one such substance. Asbestos fibers become embedded in the mesothelium and cause irritation that, over years and decades, damages cell DNA, increasing the chance that a cell there will become cancerous.

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Is mesothelioma a death sentence?