Is Johnson's & Johnson’s Baby Powder Safe?

Few customers imagine they’re putting themselves in danger by purchasing something as innocuous as baby powder. But for many people in past decades, that’s been the case. With numerous past lawsuits having shown that Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby powder has been contaminated with asbestos, the question of whether the product is safe today can’t be answered with 100% certainty.

Baby powder is made from a natural and harmless substance, talc mined from the ground. Talc absorbs moisture and prevents skin irritation caused by friction. The problem is that it can be naturally contaminated by cancer-causing asbestos if the two minerals occur together. Johnson & Johnson has been the defendant in multiple lawsuits from users who have contracted mesothelioma, and documents released by the company reveal that from 1971 through 2000, company leaders knew about the contamination but did not reveal what they knew to the public. In one May 2019 verdict, a couple was awarded $325 million after proving asbestos caused the wife’s mesothelioma. The couple’s lawyer showed that Johnson and Johnson deliberately misled regulators.

Is Johnson's Baby Powder Safe?

Johnson & Johnson and other companies claim heir products are now safe. However, baby powder is considered a cosmetic product and isn’t tested for safety by the FDA. This means there’s no independent confirmation of claims made by baby powder makers that their product is now safe. It’s up to individual customers to use discretion about whether to consider Johnson & Johnson and other talc-based powders as safe to use.

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Is Johnson's Baby Powder Safe?

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