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Is a small amount of asbestos dangerous?

The dose makes the poison: that saying is true for most toxins and carcinogenic substances. and the same holds true for asbestos. a single small exposure may not increase your disease risk above average; however, a single very high-volume exposure—or years of exposure to very small amounts—can ultimately be dangerous.
Almost everyone is exposed to very small trace amounts of asbestos through entering buildings that contain old asbestos insulation. In cases where existing asbestos isn’t cut into or damaged, fibers don’t get released into air in any significant amount, and the amount of exposure would be too minimal to raise risk of cancer or asbestosis above the normal level.

A very short-term exposure to asbestos—such as spending a day on a home renovation project—can also result in exposure that’s too small to be dangerous. But that’s not always the case. Where huge amounts of the substance are released into the air, a person can breathe in enough of the fibers in a very short time to bring their total exposure levels up to dangerous levels.

Is a small amount of asbestos dangerous?

Guidelines define asbestos-containing products as anything that contains over 1% of the substance, and a safe amount in air as below 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter. But there’s no clear metric for how much someone has actually breathed in. and even amounts that fall under these guidelines may raise risk some amount. Stories of people who have contracted asbestos-related diseases after relatively short exposure make clear that the safest exposure level is none at all.

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