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Is 3% asbestos dangerous?

The question of how much asbestos one can be exposed to and still be considered safe is a complex one. While measurements exist for concentrations of asbestos in the air, there’s no way to measure how much you’ve breathed in. and no level of exposure can be considered completely safe.

According to some applicable laws, any material containing more than 1% asbestos is considered asbestos-containing and is governed by regulations concerning workplace training and safety material, and disposal of the material. By contrast, OSHA regulations in the state of California set that level at a stricter level of .1%. However, that does not mean that working with materials containing under this level of asbestos is completely safe, especially if someone works with them for long periods of time.

Is 3% asbestos dangerous?

Concentrations of asbestos in air can also be measured using air sampling. Typically the measurements are made in fibers per cubic centimeters, and states might set acceptable “clean air” levels (such as one hundredth of a fiber per cubic centimeter, or .01 f/cc).
The amount of fibers any given material will send into the air depends on how it is handled and whether it is left intact versus cut, crushed, damaged or shredded. However, based on existing standards, any material containing above 1% asbestos should be considered hazardous and handled accordingly.

The question of asbestos percentage is commonly an issue when dealing with vermiculite insulation, a mineral substance that was commonly used in past decades and that is often naturally contaminated with asbestos. If a homeowner or business owner is uncertain about existing vermiculite insulation, they should send a sample to a lab for testing, or simply treat it as one would any asbestos-containing product and take the necessary precautions.

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