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How quickly does mesothelioma develop?

While cancers all grow and spread, they do so at different rates. Some types of cancerous cells are very efficient at, obtaining nutrients, making copies of themselves and spreading to other places, while others do so very slowly. Mesothelioma is an example of a cancer that develops quickly and aggressively; while it may take many years for cells to turn cancerous, once they do they move fast.

The process that leads to mesothelioma begins when fibers of asbestos become lodged in the mesothelium, a membrane surrounding organs of the chest and abdomen. They irritate cells, prompting damage to cell DNA. Eventually, as more and more damage builds up, the genetic programming that prevents cells from dividing uncontrollably can fail. The body has processes for finding and eliminating cells with dangerous levels of damage, so it may be decades before a cell turns cancerous and begins multiplying uncontrollably.
Once this process does begin, it moves quickly. Within a year or two, tumors can grow to a large enough size to endanger major organs. An initial tumor can spread through the blood or lymph to other parts of the body within this time period. Patients survive an average of 12 to 22 months after being diagnosed; this suggests the relatively short time frame within which mesothelioma develops.

How quickly does mesothelioma develop?

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