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How much money do mesothelioma patients get?

For mesothelioma patients, medical costs, lost income and other expenses can add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Lawsuits and mesothelioma trusts are a way to recoup some of the money that victims are entitled to. However, amounts of money can vary greatly depending on the evidence, nature of the damage and more.
A common way for patients to obtain compensation is through a personal injury lawsuit against a former employer who exposed them to asbestos. Average payouts for such lawsuits are $1 million to $1.4 million when the parties settle out of court, and $2.5 million when they go to trial. Going to trial can be risky and patients may accept a smaller amount in exchange for avoiding the stress and uncertainty of court.

How much money do mesothelioma patients get?

Some payouts are much higher; retired steelworker Roby Whittington received $250 million from US Steel. The judge in the case commented “Justice has been served to the extent it could be; but the reality is U.S. Steel will recover – Roby Whittington will not…. Roby Whittington was a hard worker and a loyal employee of U.S. Steel for 30 years. U.S. Steel didn’t care about him. They didn’t protect him and ultimately will take his life. There is no doubt U.S. Steel knew about the danger.”

Amount of judgment may depend on how certain the evidence is that an employer knowingly put someone in danger and how long they were employed there.
Another option for payment is asbestos trust funds. Some companies have run out of money to pay lawsuits and file for bankruptcy, but are required to set up trust funds for victims. They payouts are typically a percentage of what victims might receive in a lawsuit (such as in the tens of thousands of dollars). An experienced lawyer can negotiate with the trust fund to obtain the best outcome possible.

How much money do mesothelioma patients get?

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