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How much asbestos exposure is dangerous?

Doctors can tell you that according to their recommendations, it’s safe to drink 5 to 7 drinks a wee, or to take up to 8 Tylenols a day. But asbestos is different: there’s no exposure level at which it’s considered safe. The best exposure level is none. Still, there are some scenarios in which exposure is likely too low to significantly increase your risk.
The first is a situation in which a person lives or works in a building with asbestos insulation. This is a form of exposure that has probably affected most people at some point, but as long as the asbestos isn’t disturbed by being cut into or struck, there’s likely not enough of it released into the air to make an appreciable difference.

How much asbestos exposure is dangerous?

Another scenario is one in which exposure was very short: for instance, if you worked in a factory making asbestos insulation for a single day or briefly entered a building where old asbestos insulation was being removed. You’d inhale some fibers, but not enough to make a difference. (Even a very brief exposure is dangerous if the volume of fibers released into the air is very high, as in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.)

How much asbestos exposure is dangerous?

In other scenarios—a person is around asbestos that’s being treated in such a way that fibers are released into the air, and they’re there for a matter of weeks, months or years—it’s possible that they became exposed to enough of the substance to significantly increase their risk of asbestos-related diseases.  That’s true even if they’re in a workplace that follows OSHA regulations. The rules surrounding asbestos handling in the workplace are intended to reduce risk to some extent, not to the level of someone who was never exposed.

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