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How long do mesothelioma patients live?

Mesothelioma patients are living longer and enjoying more effective treatment of their symptoms than ever. Still, the statistics on lifespan of patients diagnosed with this cancer can be discouraging. Mesothelioma remains a very aggressive and difficult-to-treat cancer with five-year survival rates of well under 50%. Still, the statistics don’t reflect all the specifics of individual cases, and some patients live much longer than the average.
How long a person can expect to live after being diagnosed with mesothelioma depends on their age, gender, type of disease and stage at which it was first caught. For example, reports 5-year survival rate for pleural mesothelioma as 18% when it is diagnosed while at a localized stage.

This means the cancer has not spread beyond the organ or body part where it first started growing. For cases where the cancer is “regional” (having spread through a region of the body, such as the lungs), that figure is 11%, and if it is distant (spread to farther parts of the body such as the brain), it drops to 7%.

How long do mesothelioma patients live?

This means on average, most patients don’t live past five years, even if cancer is caught early. But the odds are better if the patient has the peritoneal rather than pleural variety of the disease, if they are a woman, if they are under 45, and if they undergo aggressive treatment. No statistic can capture all the factors influencing an individual’s prognosis. And for those who beat the odds and survive past 5 years, there’s no clear limit on how long they can go on to live.

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How long do mesothelioma patients live?

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