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How long can you live with mesothelioma?

For anyone who’s diagnosed with mesothelioma, a highly aggressive cancer with comparatively low survival rates, one of their most crucial questions is how long they can expect to survive. Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer. Although some patients diagnosed with the disease have lived for a decade or more, data on survival rates past 5 years are hard to come by for this rare cancer. Patients may get accurate information on average survival, but not on how long they can expect to live.

The most accurate information on how long a patient has to live will come from their oncologist, after they have done a biopsy and looked at high-definition scans of the person’s body. Based on that information, they know how large the tumors are and what parts of the body they have spread to. This gives them a sense of whether surgery is an option and, if so, what results can be expected from it. The smaller the tumor, the more likely it can be removed completely without fatally damaging a major organ. 

How long can you live with mesothelioma?

Doctors can never be sure how surgery will go or how a patient will respond to chemo and radiation, so estimates of how many months or years a patient has to live are just that—estimates.  Survival rate statistics can give a sense of what’s typical. Overall, under half—40 percent—of mesothelioma patients survive a year or more after diagnosis, while under 10 percent survive longer than 5 years. These low numbers in part reflect the fact that the cancer is often caught only at stage 3 or 4, when many treatment options are ruled out or unlikely to effect a cure. Patients diagnosed in stage 1 who receive treatment have a higher 5-year survival rate of 16%.

How long can you live with mesothelioma?

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