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How is mesothelioma detected?

We’d all hope that if we ever contract a serious disease, we recognize the symptoms and get a diagnosis immediately so as to start medical treatment as soon as possible. But with mesothelioma, that’s often not the case. Its symptoms mimic those of everyday diseases that aren’t very serious, and often don’t prompt patients to get checked out until it has advanced to a significant degree. Anyone with a history of asbestos exposure should inform their doctor and get regular checkups.

The first step of mesothelioma detection can often occur when someone experiences symptoms like coughing, chest pain and shortness of breath. When they go to the doctor for these symptoms, they will likely get an x-ray, which can show cancerous masses in the lungs, heart area or elsewhere in the body. Mesothelioma is most often detected in stage 3 because it’s at this point that serious symptoms tend to emerge. Another way for the diagnosis process to begin is for a doctor to spot tumors when a person is being x-rayed for an unrelated condition; this accounts for most instances of a person being diagnosed at an early stage.

How is mesothelioma detected?

If a doctor sees or suspects cancer, the next step is a more high-tech scan such as CT or PET. CT scanning uses the same type of radiation as x-rays, but takes many scans from many angles and uses sophisticated algorithms to assemble a 3-d map of the body. PET scanning uses a radioactive trace that highlights highly metabolically active areas of the body, showing areas of cancerous activity that might not appear on another scan.
Doctors can also perform a biopsy to be sure what type of cancer a patient has. Cancers in stage 3 and 4 can spread far beyond their point of origin, but the cell type remains the same, allowing doctors to identify whether a person has, say, mesothelioma, lung cancer or testicular cancer.

How is mesothelioma detected?

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