How do you know if you have mesothelioma?

The only way to know for sure if you have mesothelioma is through medical testing. This disease is distinctive and uniquely associated with a single carcinogen, asbestos, but its symptoms aren’t unique. They include common complaints like coughing and shortness of breath, and can mimic common complaints like colds, fatigue or simply being out of shape. Making the situation even worse, mesothelioma in its early stages often has no symptoms at all. This makes frequent medical checkups a must for people with a history of asbestos exposure.

How do you know if you have mesothelioma?

A person with symptoms springing from mesothelioma will typically not be diagnosed through a simple lab visit. Doctors may at first have no idea what is wrong with the patient and only get a sense of what is wrong when problems such as tumors or fluid in the lungs appear on an x-ray. Doctors may even misdiagnose the condition as something less serious such as a cold. Mesothelioma is relatively rare (with only 3000 cases diagnosed each year), meaning many are not familiar with it. A missed diagnosis could mean the loss of valuable weeks or months when the patient could have been getting treatment. That’s why it’s so crucial for people with a history of asbestos exposure to find a doctor who understand their medical needs.

When general practitioners do make the right call, they typically need to refer the patient to a specialist for a final designation to be made of whether the person has cancer, what type it is and what stage it is at.

How do you know if you have mesothelioma?

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