How do I get checked for mesothelioma?

Anyone who has a history of asbestos exposure should be vigilant about getting frequent medical checkups, whether or not they have any worrying symptoms. Frequent screening is the only way to catch mesothelioma at an early stage when it is more treatable.
Getting the proper treatment starts with informing your doctor of any history of asbestos exposure. This will help them be aware of the possibility that a certain symptom you have may be connected to an asbestos-related disease. Go in for an overall checkup yearly (or more often if your doctor recommends it), and get a pulmonary function test as well as any other tests your doctor recommends. Having a history of test results will establish a baseline if any unusual patterns develop.

If your doctor seems unfamiliar with the basics of mesothelioma and doesn’t seem to know what steps you need to take to keep yourself safe, you should consider finding another doctor who’s more aware of the issues surrounding asbestos.

How do I get checked for mesothelioma?

If any symptoms develop that suggest mesothelioma, a likely next step is an x-ray. These images are useful in showing tumors, but even in the early stages where tumors may be too small to show up, they can reveal side effects like fluid buildup in the lungs. If you have troubling x-ray results, the next step will be to visit a specialist per your doctor’s recommendation.

A simple visit to a general practitioner can start the process of correctly diagnosing or ruling out mesothelioma, so if you’re at risk, don’t delay.

How do I get checked for mesothelioma?

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