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How can asbestosis be prevented?

Though not the most serious disease associated with asbestos, asbestosis is a serious chronic condition that can greatly affect a patient’s life. Anyone at risk of inhaling asbestos should take steps to prevent it.

The single most effective way to prevent asbestosis is to avoid working on a job that exposes you to asbestos. Most cases of asbestos-related diseases involve on the job exposure. If you do work in such a filed, make sure regulations about exposure levels are being obeyed, and always report violations. Always wear the proper safety gear.
But encountering the substance in other ways, such as removing old asbestos during a home improvement project, can also create risk. If you’re ever involved in a project that might disturb old asbestos, wear the proper protective gear, avoid cutting, sawing or striking the asbestos, or just contact professionals.

How can asbestosis be prevented?

Everyone is exposed to tiny amounts of asbestos through being in old buildings that use it for insulation. In most cases, if the asbestos isn’t disturbed, you won’t breathe in enough to put you at risk.

Once asbestos has been inhaled, there’s no guaranteed way to prevent related diseases. The fibers build up in the lungs, and in some cases, the immune system attacks them, causing inflammation and scarring. This scarring leads to the shortness of breath associated with asbestosis. Since there’s no known way either to remove the tiny asbestos fibers or to reverse the scarring, this condition can’t be cured—only managed.

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