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Experimental treatments for mesothelioma

Standard treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation have had only moderate success in improving the prognosis of mesothelioma patients. With mesothelioma still a highly dangerous and often fatal cancer, many believe that hope for patients exists in treatments that are currently in the experimental stage.

Immunotherapy is a form of treatment that attempts to boost the immune system’s existing abilities. Cancers avoid being targeted by the body’s immune system by turning off the immune response; immunotherapy treatments find ways to turn it back on. For instance, scientists may create monoclonal antibodies in a lab. Once released into he body, the antibodies attach to specific proteins on the cancer cells; their existence “flags” the malignant cells, drawing the immune system’s attention to them so they can be destroyed. Essentially, they block the mechanisms cancer cells use to hide from the immune system.
Gene therapy, which targets an individual harmful gene, is being considered for a variety of ailments. Gene therapy can target inherited genes, but in the case of cancers, the genes are harmful mutations that allow cells to multiply uncontrollably and escape detection by the immune system.  Adding new genes to cancer cells can make them easier to kill. For instance, a specially created virus can be injected into a tumor that infects only cancerous cells and caries a gene that prompts the immune system to attack them.

Experimental treatments for mesothelioma

Because experimental treatments often use genes to affect the function of the immune system, gene therapy and immunotherapy are closely interrelated  Other experimental treatments include cryotherapy, which kills cells by subjecting them to very cold temperatures, and phototherapy. In phototherapy, the patient is administered a photosensitizing agent that, when exposed to light, converts oxygen molecules into a high-energy form that’s toxic to cells. After a few days, normal cells have fully metabolized the drug (meaning it’s out of their system), but cancer cells haven’t. The drug is activated using laser light, killing the cancer.

These treatments are not widely available for treatment of mesothelioma yet, so patients can access them only by taking part in clinical trials. While there’s no guarantee a trial will help any individuals, these treatments hold out hope for future mesothelioma cures.

Experimental treatments for mesothelioma

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Experimental Treatments For Mesothelioma

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