Does everyone exposed to asbestos get Mesothelioma?

Asbestos causes almost all cases of mesothelioma, but exposure is far from a guarantee of getting the disease. Only one or two people out of every 10 exposed will develop the rare cancer. The reasons that some people are resistant while others fall victim aren’t fully known, but the subject is being researched and promises to expand our understanding of cancer resistance.

A recent paper sheds light on this phenomenon. Currently, nearly 100 genetic variants are known to increase cancer risk. Researchers in Italy studied mesothelioma patients and discovered that 10 of the variants raise a person’s mesothelioma risk. They all affect genes involved in repairing damage to DNA.

Does everyone exposed to asbestos get Mesothelioma?

One risk factor that has long been known is BAP1 cancer syndrome, a mutation to a gene that produces a protein that lowers cancer risk. But not all mesothelioma victims have the BAP1 mutation.  The Italian study found 9 other types of gene mutation that increased risk. Notably, the proportion of people in the study who had one of these mutations had lower levels of asbestos exposure than did the other mesothelioma patients.

This paper is hardly the last word on risk factors. Since most mesothelioma patients don’t have one of the t10 identified gene mutations, there must be other factors predisposing them to the disease. It’s possible that lifestyle factors as well as genetics play a role.
Studies like these may help identify people at high cancer risk, and even point to ways to aid DNA repair in these people.

Does everyone exposed to asbestos get Mesothelioma?

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