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Do all people exposed to asbestos get Mesothelioma?

Among people heavily exposed to asbestos, only 10 to 20% will develop mesothelioma. Although this is a high percentage—and mesothelioma is almost always caused by asbestos—this means there are other factors than exposure levels determining disease risk.

It’s true of all carcinogens that they don’t increase risk in all people equally. To understand why this is, it helps to understand the science. Cancer begins when a cell accumulates too many mutations, or faults, in its DNA. A healthy cell is programmed to divide only at certain times (when it benefits the organism for it to do so), and to die off at preprogrammed times. Cell mutations turn off those safeguards against dividing uncontrollably.
Every time a cell reproduces under normal circumstances, it’s possible for an error in copying to occur that makes the cell more susceptible to becoming cancerous.  Again, certain genes are supposed to safeguard against these copying errors, but people differ in how effective those genes are.

Do all people exposed to asbestos get Mesothelioma?

It’s clear that certain people have more built-in protection against the process that leads to asbestos causing health cells cancerous. But as of now, there’s no certain way for people to know their overall level of risk, until they develop the disease. People who know they have been exposed to asbestos on the job should tell their healthcare provider and receive regular screenings.

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Do all people exposed to asbestos get Mesothelioma?