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Can you remove asbestos from your lungs?

The human body has remarkable powers to break down and remove toxins that threaten it. Whether it’s a poison, virus or cancer-causing chemical, your liver, kidneys and immune system typically have a way to neutralize it. But asbestos is different. Once embedded in the body’s tissues, the cancer-causing mineral doesn’t break down or exit. And there’s no currently known way to remove it.

Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral formation, enters the body as microscopic fibers. It’s breathed in or swallowed and makes its way to the lung tissue, lining of the organs, or other tissues. The same qualities that once made asbestos appealing for uses such as insulation also make it dangerous: it doesn’t biodegrade or break down when exposed to heat or moisture.

Can you remove asbestos from your lungs?

The fibers are jagged and can travel through the body and eventually become lodged in one spot, where they cause damage to the cells, eventually resulting in possible changes to cell DNA that trigger cancer. Their presence may also spark an immune response, but the body’s immune system can’t actually do anything to get rid of the cells; the immune response is only likely to cause inflammation.

This inflammation can ultimately cause the scarring that leads to asbestosis; in severe cases, surgery can remove some of the scar tissue.  A treatment to cleanse the lungs of asbestos would greatly benefit those who’ve been exposed, but for now, no such procedure exists.

Can you remove asbestos from your lungs?

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