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Can you get asbestosis from one exposure?

The risks of getting asbestosis from a single exposure are very low. Asbestosis is a disease that, like mesothelioma, is caused by asbestos exposure—but how much exposure it takes to significantly increase your risk is difficult to quantify.

Asbestosis occurs when tiny asbestos fibers become lodged in a person’s lung tissue. The person’s immune system tries unsuccessfully to expel the foreign object, resulting in inflammation and, eventually, scarring. The lungs become less flexible, resulting in shortness of breath and increased difficulty breathing. The disease is treatable and, unlike asbestos-related cancers, unlikely to be fatal. It can take 10 to 20 years after the exposure occurred for the disease to develop; however, this is still a longer latency period than for mesothelioma, so patients diagnosed with the disease should be screened regularly for signs of cancer.

Can you get asbestosis from one exposure?

Medical experts generally say it takes regular exposure (typically on a job site) for asbestosis to develop. A period of five years or more is typical. Asbestos exposure is cumulative, and it generally takes years for the amount in a body to build to dangerous levels. A do-it-yourselfer who spends a day removing asbestos from an old house without proper protective gear is unlikely to develop illness as a result (although this isn’t recommended!). But it’s not out of the question that a single catastrophic incident could expose someone to levels of asbestos that normally take years to build up. This could occur in the context of a massive explosion or disaster that destroys large buildings.

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