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Can you feel asbestos in your lungs?

Your body is usually good at alerting you when you’ve encountered something dangerous. Whether it’s extreme hot or cold, bitter poisons, the taste of spoiled food or even that first puff of a cigarette that makes you cough, dangerous experiences are unpleasant. But asbestos is different. Its fibers can be too small to see or feel, yet over years and decades, they can wreak havoc on the body’s tissues.

Asbestos is a seemingly inert mineral, but because it’s fibrous, it can easily be shredded into tiny pieces. Once inhaled or swallowed, they make their way into the lung tissue, mesothelium and other body tissues. They’re not painful—rather, they inflict damage at the cellular level by damaging its DNA.

Can you feel asbestos in your lungs?

Because of this, the first signs of discomfort caused by asbestos can happen decades later, when cancerous growths begin to cause symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing etc. These symptoms are shared by lung cancer, mesothelioma and many run-of-the-mill conditions, making it less likely that sufferers will run to the doctor at the first sign of them. When the symptoms get bad enough to prompt a doctor’s appointment, the disease may have progressed to stage 2 or 3. The “painless” nature of asbestos exposure means mesothelioma is detected early only if the patient happens to be getting scanned for an unrelated health problem.

Can you feel asbestos in your lungs?

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