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Can mesothelioma go into remission?

The topic of cancer remission is a complex one. Although all types of cancer can go into remission, there is rarely any guarantee that treatment will cause remission or make the cancer disappear permanently.

There are two types of remission. In partial remission, the cancer stops growing and begins to shrink, or the patient has less cancer throughout the body. Partial remission can mean the patient can take a break from treatment, but they will have to manage their disease like any chronic condition and resume treatment if the cancer starts to grow again.
In total remission, no signs of the disease appear in any test or scan that doctors are able to perform. This may mean the cancerous cells are wiped out, although there’s no way to be certain that some do not remain. This is the best outcome of cancer treatment. If a patient remains in total remission for five years, the chances increase that their cancer will not come back.

Can mesothelioma go into remission?

Mesothelioma is a fast-growing cancer, and current treatments aren’t highly effective at slowing it or eliminating it in most cases. Still, it’s possible for mesothelioma to go into total or complete remission. Statistics on this phenomenon are hard to find. Mesothelioma is a rare disease, and since average survival times are low, the number of patients who go into remission for extended periods is lower still. Nevertheless, anecdotal evidence suggests that patients have survived for ten or more years after a diagnosis.

Can mesothelioma go into remission?

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