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Can Mesothelioma Be Cured?

For cancer patients, the most common definition of being cured is going into full remission—that is, being free of any sign of cancer—for a certain length of time. In the case of mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer that doesn’t always respond well to treatment, this outcome is rare. Still, it’s possible, especially if the disease is caught early.
Mesothelioma is treated through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Surgery removes tumors, and is a viable option for people whose cancer is caught relatively early. Chemotherapy and radiation kill the fast-growing cancer cells. These treatments can reduce symptoms and slow the course of the disease, but none results in a sure cure, even if mesothelioma is caught at a very early stage. 

Can Mesothelioma Be Cured?

The 2-year survival rate for this cancer is 41 to 46%, and the 5-year survival rate is 13 to 16% in cases where it was caught at stage 1. Aggressive treatment lengthens survival, with patients surviving 2 or 3 times as long if treated with an aggressive combination of surgery, chemo and radiation as opposed to just chemo. Rates for survival past 10 or 15 years are hard to come by, but anecdotal evidence suggests some patients do beat the odds and experience complete remission. Other promising avenues of treatment, such as gene therapy and immunotherapy, remain experimental. The medical advance that would achieve a cure for many or all patients remains in the future.

Can Mesothelioma Be Cured?

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