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Can being exposed to asbestos once kill you?

Most of the substances that pose a risk to human health won’t kill you in a single exposure: a one-day binge on alcohol, drugs, tobacco or sugar won’t lead to a chronic condition like fatty liver or diabetes. People who are aware of the dangers of asbestos might wonder if the carcinogenic mineral conforms to this rule. Can one-time asbestos exposure kill you?
Asbestos stands out among harmful substances for the long time it remains dormant in the body before serious harm begins. Asbestos fibers end up in the lung or the membranes of the heart and GI tract (the mesothelium) and, over time, damage the cells in such a way that tumors begin to form. It can take 10, 20, 30, 40 or more years before cancerous masses begin to form, but when they do, the process can be very quick. Unlike with substances like tobacco, staying away from the substance for years or decades won’t undo past damage, since the fibers, once there, don’t break down or leave the body.
A level of asbestos exposure high enough to kill you typically happens over time, for instance at a job site, in contaminated living quarters such as a navy ship, or through secondhand exposure such as on a spouse’s clothes. So one exposure is unlikely to kill you. Still, if a person breathes in or swallows a massive amount of the substance—such as in a disaster such as 9/11—it’s possible they could take in enough of the substance to cause a deadly cancer.

Can being exposed to asbestos once kill you?

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