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Can a one-time exposure to asbestos be harmful?

Is there a “safe” level of asbestos exposure? Not really. Cancer experts warn that any level of exposure poses a risk. While OSHA limits exposure to .01 fibers per cubic centimeters, that level is designed only to limit risk; keeping exposure below that doesn’t guarantee that your cancer risk will be equivalent to that of someone who was never exposed.
So, if any level of regular exposure is dangerous, what about a single incident of exposure? First, it’s important to understand that most cases of mesothelioma and asbestos-caused diseases are the result of years of exposure, on the job or secondhand through particles brought home on someone’s clothes.

Can a one time exposure to asbestos be harmful?

As with any carcinogen, being exposed for a day (for instance, through renovating a house with asbestos in the walls) may pose little risk.  Still, asbestos is a substance that builds up in the body and will remain in the cells once ingested or breathed in—so a large volume of the substance will do the same amount of harm no matter how fast the exposure was or how many years of exposure-free living your rack up.  A single brief exposure during a catastrophic event (such as the 9/11 attacks) can cause harm, and is expected to increase risk in the first responders who were there.  If you’ve been exposed to asbestos for a day during an ordinary renovation project, you may be safe, but your rate of exposure depends on how crumbly the mineral was, whether it was released into the air in large amounts through drilling, smashing or sawing, and how well-ventilated the area was.

Can a one time exposure to asbestos be harmful?

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